California Wedding Rentals
California Wedding Rentals

California Wedding Rentals
California Wedding Rentals


We Do Designs

We do Designs has been organizing events for years. You can make your event planning enjoyable or happening by approaching the We do design. Every day is the beginning of your new life, and to make it memorable you can celebrate your special days spreading happiness all over. California Wedding rentals Planning your event can be stressful and can cause anxiety but we are here to coordinate and plan your event gracefully. We guarantee you a spectacular event making you and your friends enjoy it.


Selection of venue:

Selecting a venue that perfectly fits your budget or your ideas is an art. California Party Rental Our team will help you in selecting the venue according to your budget or comfort level. From the beginning of the tour event, we ensure you manage and implement your ideas into life and try not to look at any of the detail to make your event not less than perfection. You can either give suggestions about the California wedding's venue.

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California Wedding Rentals
California Wedding Rentals


Hiring Rabina for my wedding was one of the best decisions we made. We got married at a covered bridge where, while the location is stunning, it is incredibly rustic and requires A LOT of thought, planning, and execution. Rabina strung lights throughout the interior and crafted a beautiful dance floor with strung lights and vintage 1920's balloons. I had a very distinct vision and she helped us bring everything to life. From the tables, the chairs, the linens, to the lights, we can't emphasize enough how grateful we were to have her and Mak's help. They nailed it from top to bottom.

Luxury designs:

We offer you luxury designs with innovative ideas fulfilling your desires or requests. We ensure our client's satisfaction and try to move around the desired theme selected by you with little creative ideas. What matters to us is our commitment to the client. Our team is experienced and gives you the best of all-party rental services in Chico and provides you with luxury designs that are affordable to you.


Giving vision to your ideas:

We do designs offer customized events according to your ideas. You can share your vision or ideas with us and we must bring your event to light with our experience or expertise. By adding little creativity, your designs can become luxurious and fabulous. And by using our wedding rentals chico and management services, you can get an intimate feel with the Luxury event.


Unique ideas for every event:

Either it is birthday parties or wedding occasions, we are available with unique ideas for every event based on theme or budget. You can go with our ideas and can add or exclude the desired elements or designs. We make sure to provide you with luxury designs and with a variety of ideas to be executed. We also offer Party Rental California, so that your event can stand out.


Tent rental services:

Once you are done with the venue, the next thing that grabs your attention is the decorations. You can use tents either for indoor or outdoor events. If it is your wedding day, an outdoor event under the bright sky will be perfect to create a magical environment. You can utilize the wedding rental offer in Chico at We do designs. You can get access to a variety of tents including sailcloth tents, standard frame canopies or tents, pole tents, tent tops, or tent drapes. You can select the desired design or theme that you want to implement and we ensure you bring it to success.


Calculating tent size:

We estimate a standard 9 feet square area per person. By considering it, you can calculate the size of your tent to avoid a shortage of space or extra space. The main thing you need to do is the exact estimated guest list. We offer three basic sitting arrangements based on the tent's size or area. You can either select one of the sitting arrangements to match your theme and to give your designs or decorations a more luxurious look.


Chairs/ seatings:

We do designs that provide you with the best of chairs or seatings to maintain your event planning and designs at upscale. You can select the chair or furniture according to your design or comfort level matching your event theme. You can choose either luxury gold chairs, silver Chiavari chairs, ghost Chiavari chairs, gold Chiavari chairs, white kids Chiavari chairs, booster chairs, beechwood cross black chairs, natural cross wood chairs, Rattan peacock chairs, white padded chairs, or with a variety of standard folding chairs. You can get access to these pieces of chairs by utilizing our California Party Rentals.